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A place of a past time that recalls history and culture

Il migliore Hotel a Cirella

Cirella is known mainly for the island just in front of the town , one of the few islands in Calabria that is not far from the beach.

In the upper part you can see the remains of a square tower, a real form of lookout for raids from the sea. Rich in caves and inlets, formed over time thanks to the limestone rocks of which it is composed, it reaches a maximum height of 40 meters and is formed by a dense flora of Mediterranean scrub. The seabed in front is thought to hide various archaeological finds precisely due to the discovery of some amphorae from the Greek-Roman period.

Of particular interest is the ruined citadel of the ancient city, from which you can admire a breathtaking view. The promontory extends towards the sea and are the remains of an ancient medieval village invaded for years by the Saracens, the French and several other destroyers who came from the sea. Not far from the ruins, the 1550 convent dedicated to San Francesco and the "Teatro dei Ruderi" , a work built in the 90s in Greek style, where theatrical and musical events are organized.

Today the inhabited center of Cirella develops mainly on the sea and is one of the best known tourist destinations of the upper Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza


Over 200 works painted on the walls of the historic center, made by internationally renowned painters and artists

la citta di Cirella
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